Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the role of the Church & State Wines Events Manager?
    The Church & State Events Manager is your main point of contact and resource during the planning process of your event. Some of the responsibilities of the Events Manager include drafting a custom plan and quote for your event, coordinating catering and bartending services, discussing table layout and setup requirements, and meeting with you to discuss any logistical details for your event. The Events Manager is not responsible for developing any personal touches to your event, such as planning and arranging décor. The Events Manager will be present on the day of your event and will oversee its organization and execution.
  2. What is your venue capacity?
    We can accommodate approximately 200 seated guests.
  3. Do I require liability insurance?
  4. Do I need to apply for a Special Occasion License?
    No, we are a fully licensed establishment and are proud to offer a selection of our award-winning wines, local beers and standard highballs.
  5. When is Last Call? When are guests required to leave at the end of the evening?
    Last Call is at 11:00 pm and guests are required to leave the venue at midnight.
  6. Do I have exclusive use of the facilities during my event?
    Booking an event at the winery does not entitle you to exclusive use of the building and grounds. Our Tasting Bar is open daily from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm for the general public and our Bistro is open for lunch from Wednesday to Sunday. However, we will take the utmost precaution to ensure that the general public does not intrude upon the area where your event is taking place.
  7. What are the deposit requirements?
    All deposits are non-refundable. An initial deposit is required to confirm your booking and secure a date. A second deposit representing 50% of the remaining estimated total is required two months prior to your event, and the remaining 50% of the estimated total is required two weeks prior to your event. As we often cannot determine exact beverage consumption before an event, any difference in cost between estimated and actual consumption will be calculated after your event.
  8. Can I have a DJ or a band perform at my event?
    Yes, both DJs and bands are permitted to perform at your event, provided they adhere to our “Good Neighbour” noise policy and agree to keep the volume at a reasonable level. While guests are still permitted to enjoy the veranda into the evening, all doors and windows are closed at 10:00 pm out of respect for our neighbours. Music ends at 11:30 pm.
  9. What Audio Visual Equipment is offered?
    We have in-house speakers that you are free to connect an iPod to for background music during a cocktail hour or dinner. We operate off of a Sonos sound system. If you require speakers for dancing, you can rent your own speakers or hire a DJ for your event. We have a wireless, handheld microphone that is free for you to use during your event.
  10. Do I need to rent a dance floor?
  11. What rentals and linens are offered?
    We have seating for 90 guests. For events larger than 90, the Events Manager will organize the rental of additional tables and chairs. All tables must be draped in linens during your event. The Events Manager will organize and order all tablecloths and napkins. Tablecloths come in Black, White or Ivory, while napkins are offered in a variety of colours. Any table, chair or linen rental fees are reflected in your custom quote.
  12. Do you offer a signing table for the wedding ceremony?
    Yes, we offer a small rustic wooden farm table and accompanying chair that can be used as a signing table during the ceremony.
  13. Do you offer a welcome or registration table?
    Yes, we offer a beautiful, wooden African work bench that can be used as a registration table for your corporate event, or a welcome and gift table during your wedding.
  14. What if it rains on my wedding day?
    We have a beautiful indoor ceremony option that can be used if it rains on your wedding day. With our large sliding glass doors, your ceremony can easily take place on our covered and heated veranda, with guest chairs flowing into the building. Your photographs will still capture the beauty of the vineyard behind you. After the ceremony, the Events Team will pack up the ceremony chairs and the space quickly transitions into your reception area, as planned.
  15. Is Church & State wheelchair accessible?
    Yes – the main venue space and all three ceremony sites are wheelchair accessible. We also have an elevator for increased ease of access.
  16. Is there sufficient parking and can guests leave their vehicles overnight?
    Yes, there is sufficient free parking available for you and your guests. We have two parking lots, bot of which can accommodate buses of any size. As we want to ensure that no guests are drinking and driving, vehicles are permitted to remain at the venue overnight. Guests are able to retrieve their car the following day after the front gates open at 10:30 am.
  17. Do you offer accommodation?
    No, we do not have accommodation at the Winery, but we are happy to point you in the direction of some nearby locations.