Church & State Wines follows a single guiding principle: absolute quality.

Our Signature Series wines represent the ultimate cutting edge of what is capable in the Okanagan Valley. Just as a person’s signature evolves and is refined over a lifetime, our Signature Series represent years spent working to master and refine of our craft. This dedication to absolute quality has resulted in being named producer of Best Canadian Red Wine six times since 2009, Best Canadian White blend three times since 2013 and receiving countless Gold medals, Best in Class awards and Trophies for both red and white wines.

Borne of this pedigree, it is our privilege to present the new Signature Series by Church & State Wines.

Since the launch of the Lost Inhibitions Series in 2014, we have been busily working on a new concept to compliment the playful, tongue in cheek labels. We call this new creation the Signature Series, and is the new look for our premium and super-premium wines. We began by reaching out to a renowned calligrapher and typographer named Jackson Alves; Alves is from Brazil, and has developed an international reputation for beautiful, hand crafted scripts and lettering, and was awarded the 10th Graphic Design Biennial in 2013.

We began by sending Jackson samples of our wines, and began a long discussion about what each wine meant to us, the style we had developed, and core flavours, textures and aromas we sensed consistently in each vintage. Jackson then, through our discussions and his own tasting of the wines, developed a unique script, or signature, for each wine, contrasting the two words Church and State against each other.

This new design for Church & State seems simple at first glance, but is actually a much deeper representation of our philosophy in the cellar. First, both our wines and the scripts were made through traditional, hand crafted means, but perfected using modern technology. Alves perfects each script digitally, and at Church & State, we deploy drones in the vineyard, use the latest filtration technology, and conduct rigorous scientific trials to create the best wines we can.

Additionally, the concept behind the Signature Series is represented by the fact that we’ve spent over a decade developing and perfecting our house style, much the same way a person’s signature evolves and is perfected over a lifetime. Each wine has been given its own unique signature that represents their personality based on taste, texture, aromas and style.

After over a decade, our wines have earned their signatures and have consistently proven to be amongst the very best, not only in Canada, but also internationally, and we’re proud to present them in this unique and timeless new package.