At Church & State, we strive to create award-winning wines that will age beautifully when cellared in order to be enjoyed for many years. With each vintage we hold back a small quantity in our family cellar that continue to develop in complexity, character and value over time as they are properly stored. These wines are commonly called library wines, or back vintage wines.

Periodically, we taste through our Library Collection wines to ensure that they are performing at their very best.

We invite you to experience the many unique nuances that our fine older vintages have to offer.

We’re celebrating the month of November by digging into our library archive and sharing with you the very best of our cellared wines we have to offer.

Each week we will be re-releasing:

– a new vertical from our library

– a spotlight Red and White release

– all at 25% off !!

Now is the perfect time to complete all your holiday shopping!

Send as gifts to family, friends and colleagues, stock up your own cellar. Come December these wines will return to their regular back-vintage pricing.

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